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Dean Crassas founded Port Medical Management in 2005 after spending over 20 years in the maritime industry, living and working in many of the largest port cities around the country. Whether in Texas, Louisiana, New York or California, he often encountered a common complaint from ship owners and agents: Providing medical care for foreign crewman is time consuming, complicated, and unnecessarily expensive.

Seeing an opportunity to fill the need, Dean set out to create a new service that would streamline the process. Though there were similar services in other parts of the country, none were based in Texas, and none provided the level of service he sought to provide. By maintaining a tight focus on ship owners and their agents, Dean created a company that seamlessly handles the entire process, from priority appointments, to expedited diagnosis and treatment, to simplified billing.

Today, Port Medical Management continues to grow by focusing on superior service, containing medical costs, and maintaining customer trust. For Dean, it is all about the customer. “I started Port Medical with the goal of treating each and every customer like I would want to be treated,” says Dean. “And that is still true today.”

Dean Crassas is a native of Houston, Texas, and is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.

Connie Meves joined Port Medical Management in 2007 and is primarily responsible for Accounts Payable/Receivable, auditing, documentation, reconciliation and forecasting. She also assists in contract negotiations. Connie particularly enjoys being a part of a network with the common goal of providing healthcare to seafarers. “I find it fascinating to work with people of all nationalities,” says Connie. “In doing so, I learn something new about a different part of the world every day.” Prior to joining Port Medical, she worked for ten years in the medical services field and was also an international advisor at the university level for three years.

Connie Meves is a native of Port Arthur, Texas, and graduated from the University of St. Thomas.

David Outlaw spent nearly twenty years working as a shipping agent in Alabama and Texas prior to joining Port Medical Management in April of 2012. In addition to an uncommon commitment to detail, it gave him first-hand knowledge of the needs of the customers we serve. This is especially true regarding communication, so whether the case is major or minor in nature, he works hard to keep them informed every step of the way. “Agents have a hundred things to worry about when a ship comes into port,” says David. “By letting them know what’s happening throughout the process we make sure that sick or injured crewmembers aren’t one of them.”

David Outlaw is a native of Mobile, Alabama, and attended the University of Alabama.

Prior to joining Port Medical Management in 2015, Wally Holm spent 20 years in commercial and industrial sales — the last 10 of which were spent at a large international shipping agency. He divides his time between coordinating medical care and cultivating current and prospective client relationships. For Wally, it’s all about service. “Having spent so many years at an agency, I understand the pressure they work under,” says Wally. “I’m proud to be a part of a team that works hard to make their lives a little easier.”

Wally Holm is a native of Houston, Texas, and attended Texas A&M’s Institute of Electronic Science.

Mike Arnold has been working with Port Medical Management since 2011. Since that time, his extensive occupational medicine experience coupled with a keen understanding of the time constraints of the maritime industry, have allowed him to excel at coordinating healthcare for seafarers. For Mike, it is all about working alongside good people. “I get to work with some of the best people in the industry,” says Mike. “That gives me the opportunity to help connect the maritime and healthcare industries in new and exciting ways, and in the process, save our customers time and money.” In addition to his duties at Port Medical, Mike continues to work as a Certified Medical Technician, as he has since 2007.

Mike Arnold is a native of Houston, Texas, and attends San Jacinto College.